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Hello there!

You just set foot in an extremely vast and unusual site! is the reference site officially recognized by all those known as Lyokofans or sometimes Lyokophiles... In simpler terms, we are the reference site for everyone who has to do with Code Lyoko or Code Lyoko Evolution.

Fortunately for you, you've already arrived on the right page: This is the presentation of the site. Don't worry, we'll try not to stretch over 20 pages... We are just briefly going to explain, so that you are aware of what this site is, how it came to be, and that it is reliable... and also everything that you will be able to find within its rich content...

All is explained below!

The only thing that's left of the introduction is up to us: We welcome you on our site and to this wonderful universe, both childlike and adult, that it represents: The real and virtual worlds of Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution.


Development and spirit: A community site is a fansite.
In other words, it originated as a site that was absolutely not official. Born one afternoon by a tired, young Toulousian in 2004, since took off! It has been developed and perfected to the point of becoming the site that you see before your eyes today.

This development was made possible, because is a community site. That means that it has always counted on the contribution of the entire community for its development. Each person has always been free to bring their own little bit to the table. A personal creation, a new find on the Internet, a suggestion, a scan of a news article, etc. etc. has always counted on the help of the Lyokofan community, unique for its artistic creativity and rallying for the series, among other aspects.

A team is, of course, necessary to manage a site of this size.
The site has always made sure to compose itself of volunteers willing to give their time to the site. Its goal is to group together the best talent in the community to put them to everyone's advantage. The team has evolved a lot over time. You will find all the information that you need about the past and present teams on this page!

A little word on the spirit of the team:
Our objective is to make the most enjoyable, beautiful and complete site there is on the series... and the most up to date on the latest news! We try to include on our team all the most talented people within the community. For those who manage independent projects here at our site, we are glad to be partners and to relay their work to the most people possible.

Official partners of Moonscoop
The quality and size of is today officially recognized!
Moonscoop, the production company for Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution has indeed recognized us and allows us to work with them in order to promote Code Lyoko Evolution.

In fact, they recognize us as the official fansite of the community. They approve of all the content on our site and count on us to maintain a loyal site to Code Lyoko, while they focus on the new series, Evolution!

The exchanges between Moonscoop and are numerous!
They regularly make us their mode of advertisement via their different communication platforms, giving us exclusives and associating with us at promotional events! In exchange, the team at continuously strives to perfect the site more and more, while serving as the interface between Moonscoop and the fan community.

More information on Moonscoop's page on our site!

Code Lyoko VS Code Lyoko Evolution ?
Although our site is named and decorated mainly for Code Lyoko, we are, of course, also just as dedicated to Code Lyoko Evolution, and its news, which we are at the forefront of since we are in direct link with Moonscoop! 90% of the news comes to this site first, and if not, is relayed here immediately afterwards!

We have no intention of totally redesigning the site on the exclusive model of Code Lyoko Evolution.

In our eyes, the role of our site is to be the bridge between the two! We want to be the opening to Code Lyoko Evolution for old fans and new alike... All while remaining the source with the most comprehensive amount of data that exists on Code Lyoko.

Of course, our site will be open to everything that Code Lyoko Evolution will have to offer, but on our pages, no one will ever lose the memory of Code Lyoko's origins. Innovation shall coexist with tradition.
(Note that the editor of this page isn't to be taken completely seriously. Smiley ) today is today the most complete and the most reliable site for Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution. Composed of an organized, structured, and dynamic team, we cover everything under the Code Lyoko sun:

  • The technical side assures the proper management of the site, even to the peaks of connection, with servers up 24/7! They have developed unique systems for the Lyokofan sphere like Jeremy's Lyokostats system...

  • The editorial side has provided with the most comprehensive articles existing on the net. Their high quality content is unique and reliable. All the questions and information on the series is treated by them in a practical and efficient framework.
    Overall, the site distinguishes itself for its unique articles on the series, composed of analyses, explanations, and overviews on Code Lyoko.

  • The graphics designers' side supplies a unique and sublime design to our site. The navigation is nice-looking and doesn't hurt the eyes. The unique and calm design of has made it the site most appreciated by Lyokofans.
    Thanks to the wonderful creations of our artists, the site is beautifully decorated throughout.

  • The media-tracking side finds and offers you the ability to download a large number of files, audio and video, linked to the series. There's a lot of genuine data within our site waiting to be found!

  • The outside relations side has allowed to forge a network of partners who keep track of all the most promising community projects. From our fansite, you will be able to find all of the best projects on the net.
    This is also the side of our team that stays in weekly contact, almost daily, with Moonscoop, as we always strive to obtain more exclusives for you.

  • The artistic side, newly created, will allow you, on, to find the most high quality, fan creations around. Fanart, drawings, and fanfictions... We are searching for and immortalizing on our site all of the best fan productions we can find.

  • The forum side is the heart of the current francophone community. Making a comeback after the long hiatus after the end of season 4, this is the main place to discuss the new series, Evolution, with a large number of fans.
    A lively place for discussion and sharing, our forum is managed by a strong team of people and is of a rare quality on the Internet. A second family for dozens of fans.

  • The social networking side allows us to take advantage of what works best for all the fans, even those who don't particularly wish to get involved on the site and would prefer to follow us from afar.

  • Last but not least, the news side is on the lookout 24/7 to keep you informed of all news pertaining to Code Lyoko. Extremely reliable, is at the forefront of information on the new series. The news comes to us first, thanks to our partnership with Moonscoop, the wisdom of our newsers, and also the help of thousands of fans who support our site from all around the world and inform us of what we would have missed! is the official partner of Moonscoop in the management of the fan community and its animation.

But is especially and above all your site! The site of all the fans of Code Lyoko. We continue to develop it for the community, and their interests are our absolute top priority. As a result, we encourage you to continue to support us since even the smallest contribution makes a big difference in the end!

On the part of the whole team, welcome to the heart of the Lyokofan community!