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ipv6 ready's Team!
 Here, discover the different people who currently actively maintain and develop the site.

Students and workers... From Paris, Marseille or backwoods Normandy... City mice or country mice... Girls or boys... Geeks, art students, or no-lifes... Our profiles like our personalities are very varied.
Our common ground: We're all fans of Code Lyoko and all volunteers! We have developed and maintained this site in our personal time and solely on a voluntary basis.

On this page, you'll find members from the team that are still active. But isn't a professional site. It's a community site that could develop thanks to multiple contributions from several people. This page only shows the tip of the iceberg.
In fact, anyone can participate!

If you also one day can and want to add your own little contribution (news, scanned press article, an original idea to develop,) don't forget to contact us at the following page: "Contact".

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ImageFunctions: Creator of, Webmaster, Designer, Encoder
First Name: Julien
Date of birth: 24 September 1990
Personnality: Quiet, friendly but ambitious and stubborn!
Hobbies and interests: Web Programmation Web, computer science & new technologies generally
Location: Toulouse
Personal Website:
Discovered CL in:July 2004
Favourite character(s): Aelita
Favourite episode(s): Franz Hopper, The Key, Final Round
Rating for CL: 17/20

ImageFunctions: Manager of the site content, main editor, administrator of the forum
First Name: J't'en pose des questions ?
Date of birth: 7 March 1989
Personality: Extremely realistic, pragmatic foolproof and absolutely cynical.
Hobbies and interests: Far Eastern Cultures&History, travelling, and the Heroic Fantasy; Reflecting on respective imperfections and inconsistencies of human psychology and moral goods-righteous.
Location: Beaujolais
Personal website:
Discovered CL in:Fall of 2005
Favourite character(s): William
Favourite episode(s): Echoes, A Bad Turn, Routine, Ghost Channel, The secret
Rating for CL: 16/20 on average

ImageFunctions: Referent Media (Pole content) Referent Press, Newser
First Name: Etienne
His page: [The Findings of Dude Dudu]
<b>Date of birth: 1992
Location: Oise
Discovered CL in:2004
Favorite character(s): Aelita
Favorite episode(s): XANA Awakens, Ghost Channel, Lyoko Minus One, Double Trouble, The Lake
Rating for CL: 18/20

ImageFunctions: Administrator of the forum ; Referent Creative Life (Pole Fanfictions)
First Name: Simon
Date of birth: 12 January
Personality: Dual (Warmly icy)
Hobbies and interests: Writing & criticism of treatment of William in Code Lyoko
Location: Nancy
Personal website:
Discovered CL in:Autumn 2003
Favorite character(s): William & Christophe M'Bala
Favorite episode(s): #16 Claustrophobia, #33 Final Mix, #45 Cold War, #56 False Lead, #59 The Secret, #65 Final Round, #66 William Returns, #67 Double Take, #81 A Lack of Goodwill, #82 Distant Memory
Rating for CL: 13/20

ImageFunctions: Co-Webmaster, host, encoder, technician
First Name: Johann
Personality: Stubborn (or determined that depends on your point of view), shy, jealous (?) And resentful, kind and generous, but can often be explosive if necessary, etc ...
Hobbies and interests: Internet, Radio / DJ, Technology, Friend (s)
Location: Yvelines
Personal website:
Discovered CL in:December 2004
Favourite character(s): All but a preference for Aelita
Favourite episode(s): Houla, it depends on the moment you ask me !
Rating for CL: 17/20


ImageFunctions: Referent Creative Life (Pole Fanfictions)
First Name: Arthur
Date of birth: 27 September
Personality: Introverted troubadour with steadfast beliefs. Dextro-centrist liberal patriot and rigid.
Hobbies and interests: History, literature, politics, sociology and psychology. Yaoi. Read and discuss are my main hobbies.
Location: République Française
Personal website:
Discovered CL in:2004
Favorite character(s): Yumi
Favorite episode(s): Saint Valentine's Day & The lake
Rating CL for: 13,2/20


 The team doesn't have official "artists", art not being a thing that can be done under pressure. Instead, the team relies on talented artists from around the net to decorate the site. Among them, 6 show up as being regular support and indispensable to the site.

[A Queen of Fairys]
[Bassoonist From Hell]

[Special thank]
Everyone who contributed in their own little way to the site
[International team]
Our international team who manages the English side of the site
[FanProjets Partenaires]
The best creators of the community and their original projects!
[Sites antennes]
Our sister sites that relay our news. Our various newsers.