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The different CodeLyoko.coms
 This page will present to you the different versions of the site that have existed. An opportunity to tickle some charming memories...see it as another angle from which to look at the history of the series and Moonscoop.

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[The 1st [2004]] [The 2nd [2005 - 2011]] [The 3rd [2011 - 2012]] [The 4th [2012 - 2013]]

The 1st [2004]

This first version was a Flash site.
It contained information on the most important aspects of the series. News, essentials (for what there was at the time...), presentation files on characters and locations.
Finally, to brighten it all up, there was also a store, games, fanart section and forum.

What made this site original was especially how you could unlock bonuses using a levelling system. You levelled up by playing games and quizzes, or through advertisements. Each new level unlocked a new bonus.

The homepage of the Flash site. Or at least...some of it. Indeed, it was difficult to find images of the 1st site from around the time (especially after Moonscoop disappeared).This was the page where you could access goodies you've unlocked once you'd levelled up, such as the famous character diaries.

The 2nd [2005 - 2011]

A new Flash site.
First off it was more customisable because you could choose from a set of different character-themed backgrounds. Plus, it had a swarm of fan services such as polls, quizzes, games, a forum, news, e-cards, wallpapers, Sector presentation.

The bonuses were also present, but with a new system this time. Using codes obtained through various methods (in the Panini album, the DS game, partnerships with restaurants, related products, promotional partner sites, books in the Bibliothèque Verte collection).
These bonuses were much more concrete than the ones on the old site and were an integral part of the (very weak) marketing of the Code Lyoko animated series. So at the time we were able to discover the famous exclusive teaser of season 4 of CL, as well as wallpapers, ads, making of the DS game, diaries and more.

ImageHere's something that looked like the welcome page of the new site, or rather...some of it (again). From here, we could change the background or access different categories.

This site remained a wreck after season 4 ended. The only notable element to reveal about the 2007 period was that the forum managed to get by and Morgane di Domenico was able to inform us on the arrival of Evolution and his job as script assistant which then allowed us to do a file on his feelings about the filming and obtain information.


The 3rd [2011 - 2012]

After Code Lyoko Evolution was announced, the site got a makeover. This image and a link to the official Facebook page were the only things on it, as well as a date and a title: Code Lyoko Evolution 2012. The old site was still available on the net but you could no longer access it through the splash page.

The 4th [2012 - 2013]

New series, new site. The Code Lyoko Evolution site is a lot less feature-filled; it's gone from a site aimed at fans to one more aimed towards professionals. Moonscoop had clearly reoriented its fan-marketing towards social networks with Facebook and Twitter (the TNV), much more handy and less costly to maintain than a site.

As such, no more games or bonuses - in their place came links to partner sites and licences for related products. This site served as a gateway to the casting for Code Lyoko Evolution, advertised by Moonscoop, as well as to relay bonus CLE videos that were revealed now and then.

We could also enrol in "Lyoko Academy", which was nothing other than a newsletter for us and a way to count the number of fans for their own commercial means. A site that would follow Moonscoop in its fall seeing as it was deactivated a few months after Moonscoop's legal proceedings.

 Not much to take away from this file, it's more of an archive.

Allowing myself a very personal analysis, for what it's worth... The history of these sites and the way Moonscoop ran them reflects the difference between the success of the Code Lyoko animated series and the weak marketing methods Moonscoop had in its possession.

Each version of the site was largely underexploited, as if Moonscoop had ordered (and paid for) it to be done, gave it to Lyokofans...and left it as it was. Not much use of features on Moonscoop's part (so much so that ironically, fans took so long to find the season 4 teaser that it would have gone completely unnoticed had the fansites like us not spread word of it), never updated...probably because Moonscoop never wanted to or never had the money to invest in it...not even a set salary dedicated solely to the site's development.

When it comes to the last website, as indicated, it was never anything but a tool used to take census of fans. For promoting Evolution, Moonscoop made the (wise?) decision to use social networks and associate with (for free) in order to promote the new series.