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[2013] The nenewal of the series
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The year 2013. The strange return...
The year of 2013 turned out to be neither here nor there.
While the end of 2012 promised the moon, notably with Moonscoop's superpublicity of Evolution, the year 2013 was a little more timid. We're not going to debate whether or not Evolution was a successful continuation right here and now. But we have to note that it started out pretty slow and steady.

The main event of 2013 was the arrival of Code Lyoko Evolution on TV in France in January. It continued being shown regularly, with new episodes every week, until May... And from then on, the series met a properly scandalous end that didn't allow fans to calmly appreciate the end of Evolution. There's more to say on this topic but because there's already a file that talks about it in detail, it's easier to just link to that! x) To summarise, just know that the last episodes of Evolution were broadcast in France in the middle of the night on Canal J in December, after many postponements.

While it was airing, a few events took place (the TNV Twitter account, actor commentary of episode 09), but didn't receive a great response. In the end, the excitement was more palpable before it aired than while it was airing. There was nothing official to celebrate Code Lyoko's 10th anniversary, for example.

Moonscoop's legal and shareholder issues were the origin of this, and still largely explain this established fact. The big-shot employees of the company faced a great challenge and had a reason to worry towards the end of the year...because due to the conflict, Moonscoop dissolved and its licence catalogue was bought by Dargaud, at the start of 2014.
An opportunity for a new start, or the end of it all for Code Lyoko? We'll have to wait a few months to find out, while the transition takes place.

In the end, it was the community where everything played out. used 2013 to complete and finish itself. Sections were updated with CLE information, files were made, projects were launched... All that is detailed in the site history and news archive. We can note the colossal "Chronicle of a Translation" project, updates to the Lyokostats, the episodes to scripts comparison file, the opening of the English version of the site on the 11th of well as 3 large events, each accompanied by loads of new stuff: the site reaching 5 million viewers on the 27th of January, the 9th anniversary of the site on the 27th of July and Code Lyoko's 10th anniversary on the 3rd of September.

IRL, hosted a large event at Japan Expo. Part of the project were Code Lyoko cosplay and a meet and greet/autograph signing session with the actors.

The year ended on a calm halftone with a few small news articles to brighten things up, a season of Evolution that sort of went down the drain, the end of a Kolossus of activity and a tight community that still remained a little hungry.

While waiting for new content, let's still remark that the years 2012-2013 allowed for a clean renewal of the site and its evolution towards a climax that few fansites can boast about having reached.
If ever the series is finished -And considering the end of Evolution, we can always hope-, we can note that is too: complete, exhaustive, aesthetic, functional and easy to keep up with the small bits of news that remain to be released.
As such, the series can end or pick up again, and its stronghold will continue to post in order to testify the marvellous saga that is the decade of Code Lyoko, and preserve its heritage.

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