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Cheat codes
Config A:
During the game, press + and then: 2, Z, 1, Z, C, Z.

Config B:
During the game, press + and then: C, C, 1, C, Z, C.

Increased attack damage:
During the game, press + and then: 1, Z, Z, C, C, C.

Infinite energy:
During the game, press + and then: 2, 2, Z, Z, 1, 1.

Unlock everything + 900 000 points:
During the game, press + and then: 2, 1, C, Z, 2, 1.

All bonuses:
During the game, press + and then: 1, 2, C, 2, 2, 2.

All goodies:
During the game, press + and then: C, 2, 2, Z, C, Z.

All powers:
During the game, press + and then: Z, C, Z, C, C, C.

Higher speed:
During the game, press + and then: Z, 1, 2, 1, 1, 1.

Wilson's review

My personal point of view:

It's an excellent game that's worth buying, especially if you're a fan of the series. When you start the game you find yourself at the start of season 4 with William's disappearance. When you interact with characters, they go into conversations and lines we've heard in season 4, and which help us understand where we are in the story. However, the action in the virtual world is enough to understand it. We also revisit events such as the creation of the Skidbladnir, freeing William. Be careful however: don't expect it to be a copy-paste of season 4! The story goes in the same direction but is still different.

From a technical point of view, this game is very clever. During missions, you're made to use specific heroes and go along a precise path. You can't take other routes because the heroes don't (yet) have the required powers...or never will, because you need a certain character to be present, and they're not. It's a classic system that's clever in that it makes the one map explorable in several ways using different characters and unlockable powers. In short, it doesn't mean much but it also saves space on the disc.

My little assessment:

I'll start from a graphical point of view. Be it the Wii or Playstation 2, the graphic driver doesn't change, so we find the same game quality. However, you do get a cleaner image by playing in HD on a compatible TV, of course. In terms of quality, it's completely reasonable...for a game that came out in 2008.

Story: Very good game. We're always in the action. Unfortunately, a cruel lack of action in the real world aside from talking to a few characters! We won't get any action in the real world, shame.

Soundtrack: The quality is great, nothing more to say! We find the same music from the series, as well as some unique to the game. There are three tracks per Sector: music for exploring, fighting, and one for each boss. Note that on the Playstation version, one part is in English with French subtitles.

Gameplay: Good. A problem however: it's done using 3D cameras that follow a certain route. When you want to go back, it doesn't turn back around. You often find yourself staring at your own character's nose.
It's a very old technique that is designed so that no more (graphical) work needs to be done than for the parts on screen. So, the parts that aren't visible don't have texturing on them, still to save loading time, memory and especially speed, because a game that lags won't last very long.

Lifespan: Technically, the game (with every boss destroyed) will be finished in 8 hours, but there are passages that had to be skipped without the powers required to explore everything. So if you want 100% completion, you'll need to play the game a second time. If you upgrade all your characters, you'll still be surprised by certain things.


I, as a fan of the series, can only say: excellent game, even if it does have a few missing details. And at €20 plus tax, I can only recommend it to you.

Have a nice play, a nice watch and a nice day.

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