LyokoVn Editor

LyokoVN Editor is a toolbag, filled with helps and datapackage. It's goal is to help anyone who wants to create its own Code Lyoko VN.

A VN, short for 'Visual Novel' is a type of videoGame, mainly dialog based. You go through different static screens, where you can interact with other characters and follow a story. Best VN includes multiples choices & endings, more animation & several minigames.



And the best thing ? You do not need to have any art or coding skill ! You already have access to a very friendly user interface, so go on the installation part if it's not already done!

Don't forget to follow / ask your questions on the forum news, the facebook page, the creator's twitter or the news!

You'll need two things (completely free) :
- The video game engine on which the game is going to run : Unity
- And the LyokoVN Data Pack, which contains artworks, templates, backgrounds, portraits & musics to easily create a CodeLyokoVN !

That last one will be updated from times to times with more content!

Warning do not forget to install in this order!
Always do a copy of your project before updating the Lyoko VN Editor or Unity !

Important: The version of Unity to download is 5.3.4
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Installation steps

With Unity download installer, select the following options. This may last for a few minutes or hours, depending on your connection:

Then, launch Unity and create a new project:

Import LyokoVN Editor package, downloaded in Unity:

Right now, the page only contains the strict minimum, but I will grow as long as the project gets bigger.

If you've got questions, don't hesitate to contact Immu, the creator of the project, through the forum, the FB page, or his twitter.
So that He'll be able to answer you directly, or define a livesteam so he can explain to you and more users how to do things correctly. Tutorials are also planned at some point.

Build your game and play it on any device you want!