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IFSCL 4.5.X: Trailer and IRL !
Posted by Immu on 03/01/2023 at 08:00 (2 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone!

The video game Code Lyoko produced by a fan for fans, IFSCL (Code Lyoko Simulated Fictional Interfaces) is back for a trailer unveiling its new cycle.

First of all, the first 3 chapters of the story mode will be redesigned (especially chapter 1, which has been extended and split into 2 chapters).
As a reminder, more than twenty chapters are planned and should add up to several tens of hours of story that have been painstakingly prepared over the years.
New places, improved real world graphics, new interactions, new characters... There is plenty to do.


 But most importantly, this cycle introduces one of the most important features of the free mode 'interface' gameplay, namely the 'translation' (energyze in factories).

Season 4 of Code Lyoko introduced the ability for the genius of the gang to send Lyoko's heroes into the real world, more specifically, Xana's bases, in order to destroy its factories.
If the previous cycles of the game have successively introduced the virtual submarine (Skid) allowing to dive into the network, then the Replikas, it will now be a matter of docking to the towers and energyzing Lyokowarriors.
Will you send two warriors at the same time, like in the series? Or more?
That's up to you.

But be aware that on the Replikas, Xana will act accordingly, and not keeping the Skid under surveillance would be a big mistake.
Once in the factory, a new troop movement mode and new features will appear, and interactions with the different equipment in the base will be available. Moreover, the combat system will be slightly different, a variant of the classic system of hit points and actions.


For the moment, only one factory plan is available. But the system is evolving to provide more plans in the future.
In the same way, if only the mountain type Replikas are still available for the moment, expect to see at least one new type appearing in the year.

Of course, we can't count the improvements of all kinds, the little details, the fixes, the bonus features and a whole lot of things too long to list that have been done in the last 8 months, so we refer you to the changelog for more details.

Now, here is the trailer:

The community is not left out, however, with an IRL meeting this weekend, same as the one held two years ago, again at the Cartoon Fair in Bourg la Reine, France.

On the program of this festival centered around cartoons, an IFSCL stand, animated by the creator of the game and some devoted members of the IFSCL community.
The possibility to play in preview the new cycle of the game, not completely finished, otherwise it's not funny, and the possibility to talk about our favorite cartoon with other fans!

The Findings of Dude Dudu - 2022 Edition
Posted by Etienne on 08/03/2022 at 19:37 (2 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone,

Summer is here, almost all the borders are open again, and it's time to go out and explore! Or rather, take some time to read this news (or write it, depending on your point of view...).

Let's start by finishing our series on the Altaya magazines. For those who are new to this (as was mentioned on the hermitagefindings Instagram account while we were covering the Canadian DVDs), before the DVD box sets came out in France, the first episodes of Code Lyoko were released on DVD and VHS (yes, VHS) in groups of 4 episodes. Unfortunately, due to low sales, publishing stopped after 2 volumes.
After that, in 2007 Altaya did a limited test run of a DVD collection with 3 episodes per disc, starting with season 1 and including a magazine full of all sorts of articles to do with the series (interviews, storyboards, bonus material, etc.). The client (Moonscoop) came to the publishing house (Altaya) and ordered 4 test issues. If they sold well and the client was satisfied, they would extend the contract to more seasons.
Unfortunately (again), the collection couldn't find its audience and these magazines were only ever released in a select few cities rather than nationwide, so after the 4th issue was published, the (rare) people buying them realised it would be the last.
And it's this 4th issue we present to you today: a high quality PDF that contains (in French):
- A summary of each episode, storyboards from the episodes "End of Take," "Satellite" and "The Girl of the Dreams"
- Articles on Aelita, Kankrelats and communication between the heroes
- An article on mobile phones
- An article on new animation studios
- Three new "Rumours" articles: "Humour or bad faith?," "Mobile phones are essential..." and "A starlet at all costs"
- A new games page (spot the difference, a riddle and a pattern puzzle)

And there you have it, that's all for the magazine collection that had remained a mystery for so long (because it was impossible to find) for most fans. But before we finish, here's a bonus. At the end of each issue, these sorts of magazines usually give a preview of the next issue (to incentivise the buyer). Except, as we've already said...only 4 issues were ordered. So, how are we going to create a fifth cover with a summary of content that will probably never exist...? Well it's simple, we fake it! Yeah! We take a DVD cover, we cleverly place it over the summary on the magazine cover, and we work the magic...

Yes it's true, do you doubt us? Well look what happens when we extract the preview of issue 5 from the PDF!

Oh! Isn't that a copy-paste of the summary from issue 1? :o

New article! On a new video game! Yeah yeah, I can already hear you saying, "As if, that's not possible. You've already redesigned the pages for the 2 DS games, and the Wii game...there were no other video games produced for the licence!" You'd think that, wouldn't you? Today we're talking about a little-known game released in Spain in 2011. Well it's more like a handheld console. And we're simply going to call it the "Code Lyoko sprite game console" ...a pretty clickbaity name perhaps...and you'd be right.

This console is rarely mentioned when the brand makes a list of official merchandise. (Although, considering how rare it is today...) To put it simply, it's a pretty..."bottom of the range" console, with very basic games that have nothing to do with Code Lyoko (racing, tennis, puzzles...). Plus, there are a bunch of extra games that have nothing to do with Code Lyoko BUT had Lyoko Warrior sprites added in, and that's where the magic goes from being a basic console to a basic Code Lyoko console.

With a massive amount of help from KaruzoHikari who already did a recap of this on Reddit a few years ago, here's a brand new file taking an in-depth look at this console inside and out.

Now you lucky ducks, there's a huge update to the 2D backgrounds section now waiting for you. And there's something for everyone with 50 new background images (with more than 30 new ones!). Something to note is that all the backgrounds on the site (old and new) are in their natural, organic form! They haven't been upscaled or altered using a filter. We need to mention this because now that upscaling software has been greatly optimised and made easily accessible to the public, you may be led to doubt that what you're seeing is the real deal.

We begin with a little tour of Kadic - after waking up in the dorm rooms for Jeremy, Odd, Ulrich or even William, it'll be time for class. Be careful not to spend too much time in the boiler room, quad or park, otherwise you'll need to take a walk to the administration building.


After that, what could be better than wandering over to the Hermitage for a nice movie night with friends, and a nice walk in the city?


Ah, it seems an artificial intelligence would disagree with that idea, so it's time to head to the factory, come wind, rain or snow! (Special mention to the snow-covered backgrounds and the ruined scanners that only appeared once in the series.)


Virtualisation, teleportation. Let's finish this tour on the four corners of the world.


With that update, there are 180 unique backgrounds available on our site (at least...for now)!

As well as the magazines mentioned above, another section has been finished today: the series comics published in Code Lyoko 2.0 magazine. We've already updated our site with the comics from the first two issues, along with a behind-the-scenes look at all the necessary steps for creating these comics. Today, we continue with the publication of the last two comics: "The Best of Both Worlds" and "Yumi, Subdigital Fangirl" as well as some bonus material. (Small aside to also thank A_QueenOfFairys who did the English translation for these comics, as well as many other pages on the site.)

And we'll finish this long news post with the addition of a new album - not stickers this time but trading cards. E-Max, the company that published a few sticker albums in Spain, didn't stop there and continued to take advantage of the profitability of the Code Lyoko brand. After much brainstorming, they took 100 renders, made up a set of very...simple game rules, and...what more is there to say? Aside from how this collection has been added to the "Trading Card Game" page. This ought to jog the memory of the most avid collectors of Spanish merch!

Also, we spotted a few times the little alchemists fused two or more renders together...
Look at this William card for example! I'll leave you to find the 2 original renders!

And there you have it, that's all for this year. As a reminder, the HermitageFindings Instagram account is still regularly publishing information on merchandise from the series. Feel free to take a look to find a few goodies not yet published on the site (they'll come eventually! Just as soon as we...create and update the appropriate pages...).

And that's all for this news, we hope you have a good summer and we'll see you soon for more!

A World Without Danger - The return!
Posted by Etienne on 06/09/2022 at 21:27 (5 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone,

Some short but sweet news, following the Code Lyoko-focused Cartoon Fair last year, Julien Lamassonne, who sang the French opening theme Un Monde Sans Danger, returned to do a new version of the theme in collaboration with Crystal Voices, which you can find below:

EDIT: There's also a video here giving a behind-the-scenes look

Have fun listening!

IFSCL 4.4.X: Kadic, Woods and Ishiyama's house!
Posted by Immu on 05/22/2022 at 10:19 (4 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello there!

The inarretable fan video game Code Lyoko IFSCL (Code Lyoko Simulated Fictional Interfaces) is back for a double round of videos, its 12 years anniversary video, and a trailer to announce the new cycle: 4.4.X.

IFSCL screenshot  IFSCL screenshot

Because this game is not only about being a 'hacking' simulation of the interfaces and screens of Code Lyoko. The new update is giving you access to many new realworld locations!

In 4.4.X, you'll be able to deep dive into precise recreation of Kadic's College, (even more is planned for future cycles). Also are Ishiyama's House and the woods landed in this cycle.

New work has also been done on 2D cinematics, as usual, upgraded chapter 3 (previously chapter 2 part 2), and chapter 4 still featuring almost quality-like show shots.
You'll find more than 30 new maps, more than what had been added in the game previously accross 3 differents cycles.

Also, custom (free) game mode lets you finally get out of the supercomputer chair and wander around the lab, even talking to the Lyokowarriors a bit. Scanners, boiler room, laboratory and cathedral will be available in that regard.

This version not only brings new story content, but also a ton of new features which are too lengthly to list here, but game balance, footsteps transitions, hatch and scanner interaction animations, 3d trees, a fully revamped custom game menu and many others are finally there.

IFSCL screenshot  IFSCL screenshot

For more details about the additions of this version planned in June, it's here

Download (43X) (44X soon!)

Code Lyoko is in the (r/)place
Posted by Etienne on 04/10/2022 at 15:51 (2 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hey everyone!

You couldn't escape it last weekend; the pixel war unleashed all the communities of all the countries. If you didn't follow this news, Reddit hosted r/place again, allowing each user to place a pixel every 5 minutes on a huge map for 3 days. Each community fought and each pixel was expensive. And despite the relentlessness of several streamers from neighboring countries, France was the country with the largest surface area of pixels placed.

But why bring up this topic here? Simply because the Code Lyoko community has not been left behind! We'll spare you the effort of trying to look for the Code Lyoko reference by yourself, it would make many people sweat.

Let's also take the time to mention this France 3 article mentioning the small place that Code Lyoko managed to make in this ocean of memes, references or allusions to the Internet of the last 10 years.

Thanks to Vincent Ballester for the writing and the reference made in this article :)

Instagram, here we come! One piece of merchandise a day
Posted by Etienne on 02/16/2022 at 17:37 (2 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone,

Yo! I'm a platform released in 2010, bought by Facebook in 2012, my name is a portmanteau of "instant camera" and "telegram." Known for my sepia or black-and-white filters, or for photos of what you had for dinner at the restaurant last night (don't deny it! We see you there at the back), it's already the 2nd most downloaded app worldwide in 2021. I am, I am, I am...
...the topic of today's news.

A while ago I, with a huge amount of help from 2 irreducible lyokofans a_queenoffairys and Semie, worked on a way to show the world the vast and unique array of official merchandise the Code Lyoko brand put out over the years. One thing leading to another, and inspired by the incredible work of LyokoMuseum, we've gathered all our Moonscoop-licensed findings in order to share new information both with existing lyokofans and new ones alike, allowing people to dive into the vast array of physical products tied to this dear TV show of ours. If you think Code Lyoko's merchandising was limited to DVDs, the Chronicles and video games, you may be surprised. (I'll let a few words slip: Tetris, Ulrich clone from episode 51 and temporary for everything else, I'll leave it up to your imagination...)

In order to unite the English- and French-speaking communities, we've decided to have the text on the images be written in English, with a French translation available in the description. We add hashtags to each one to make them easier for lyokofans to find, but you'll be able to find all of our content by following our account, "HermitageFindings" (Findings for "Findings of Dude Dudu," and Hermitage for...oh well you know!).

Another huge thank-you to LyokoMuseum for inspiring us.
To a_queenoffairys for designing the pages.
Semie, a_queenoffairys and I hope you'll enjoy the evolving content of this account (you have no idea how much stuff we have waiting to be posted). And sooner or later, on this account or some other...we might have new ideas brewing...perhaps they will debut in a few weeks... :O

IFSCL 4.3.X is coming!
Posted by Immu on 11/04/2021 at 11:50 (1 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello there!

The Code Lyoko IFSCL (Code Lyoko Simulated Fictional Interfaces) video game returns for a trailer unveiling its new cycle: 4.3.X.

On the menu, the mysterious Prologue 'Xanapocalypse', unlockable after Chapter 1: 'Jeremy Awakens' and before Chapter 2: 'Visionary Minds'.
This short but ambitious chapter will promise you to discover in more detail the originalities of this story linked to the events of the series by mysteries surrounding time travel.
As a reminder, the chapters are quite linear compared to the 'free game' mode, and contain several cutscenes (cinematics) in 2D and/or 3D, with sometimes even exclusive recordings of the dubbers of the series.

If there are still many chapters (26 announced) and features (kolosse, translation, marabounta, moving in the real world in the free game mode, to name a few) and the chapters seem to take a long time to be released, rest assured, the assets (characters, programs, scenery etc.) and the tools produced during this time accelerate everything.

Approximate production times:
Chapter 1: 1 year
Chapter 2: 6 months
Prologue: 3 months
Obviously, even when doing one chapter every 2-3 months, there are still many years of work.
But the project has never hidden its ambitions, and so far, it's holding!

For more details on the additions of this version planned for November, CLICK HERE

Download (42X) (soon the 43X!)

Findings of Dude Dudu - 2021 Edition
Posted by Dudu on 08/18/2021 at 20:50 (1 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone,

A year after the last findings, there are yet more updates in store for you this summer: renders, images and sumptuous documents, all on the site you may have been following now for over 17 years!

A new issue of the DVD magazine collection released in 2007. In order to create a French national publication available in newagencies and bookstores, the client (Moonscoop) began by signing an initial contract with the publisher for 4 issues as a test release in a random selection of stores. If the test was successful, a new contract would be signed for the complete collection to be released nation-wide. Although the Code Lyoko collection never got past the test release, they still published the first 4 issues, the 3rd of which you'll find here:

In it you'll find (in French):
- A detailed summary of each episode with storyboards from the episodes "Big Bug," "Cruel Dilemma" and "Image Problem"
- Information on Yumi, Kadic Academy, virtualisation and devirtualisation
- An article on computer bugs
- An article on modelling the characters in 3D
- An interview with Jean Marc Guillemoy (director at Antefilms) and Renato (artistic director at Antefilms)
- Three new "rumours" segments called "Declaration of love," "Grudge" and "Jealousy?"
- A new games page (an image problem, a riddle and a logical sequence)

As well as the leaflets here:


Would you care for an abundance of storyboards? Well here you go! There are some from the prequel, the early seasons and the later seasons. There's something for everyone with more than 30 pages of storyboards added to the eponymous category, as you'll find here. All you have to do is click on good old Jim:

Well, you know we love renders here. As soon as we added them to the site, as if by magic they began popping up in YouTube thumbnails with titles such as "► The secret of this season 4 episode finally revealed Surpris (watch your eyes)"
So here are 10 new renders to add to the family of over 250, and as usual, we have everything: extra large images, characters, monsters, (Code Lyoko Evolution...) and even an ultra rare, overpowered, random and superlative pose - a season 4 Odd often used in group pictures (like on the cover of Code Lyoko: Quest for Infinity) but usually just his top half. Here he is today, looking his absolute best, one of 10 renders found by Dude Dudu! (Thanks to Queen and Aelita Di Agostino for their help!)


In 2019, the section for the DS game Fall of X.A.N.A. was remodelled, along with the release of new material such as unused scripts taken from the internal game code. In 2020, the game Quest for Infinity also had its section updated, adding among other things, the 2D poses and models for each monster. This year, as you can probably guess, the 1st DS game is up to bat. With a page listing all the music in the game (a total of 34 tracks, as opposed to the mere 15 previously available in our Media section), facelifts for the monsters and Lyoko Warriors pages, and the addition of sprites, backgrounds and maps from the game: this encyclopaedic site has just gained a new cornerstone.

(Now that the 3 main games have been completed, which video game will the next Findings focus on...? You have 4, have 1 year)

And finally, we finish with a little behind-the-scenes look at comics 2 and 3, which appeared in the Code Lyoko 2.0 magazine issue 2, illustrated by Ullcer. Through his sketches, you can follow the creation of these 2 comics, from the first sketches to the final touches, our comics page will continue to bring you new bonus content.

That's all for today. We'll see you soon for new adventures!

Discovery: Özberk özen, creator of Code Lyoko videos
Posted by Zephyr on 07/11/2021 at 10:35 (0 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Hello everyone!

You don't often hear from me on because I mainly post news about French fanfiction, but today we've got some brief news on an English-speaking creator of Code Lyoko videos:

Active since 2015 on YouTube, Özberk özen is mainly known in the community for his own personal fanseries, Code Lyoko Adventures. Over the years the quality has improved, notably with regards to the visuals and editing. His most recent productions are proof of how far he's come, and the potential his future videos have. The reconstructions he makes of the environments emblematic of Code Lyoko are a little something to catch the eye of a nostalgic fan and make them smile.

His latest video perfectly encapsulates the journey he's been on...and what's left to come! For a guided tour, this is a good place to start:

This tour of scenes at Kadic and the factory is very exciting despite one or two geographical guesses, it's a sign of goof things to come...because it's a part 1! Generally, his works in rebuilding and remodelling elements from the series deserve to be looked at. Here are two other examples:

Aside from his series on remodelling and a season's worth of episodes, we can also see a will to try all different kinds of styles, be it with chibi videos, video shorts, or even remaking Internet memes CL-style. Also, though özberk doesn't bother with content that might seem "easy," "naïve" or "cliché," he's no less than a prolific creator who continues to improve and provide a wide variety of surprising content.

For those whose curiosity has been piqued by this presentation, go ahead and take a look at Özberk özen's channel and support him by the usual means. If you're not quite convinced yet, here's a rather compelling argument:

Immu approved

That's the end of today's news. Despite the many years that have passed since the end of the series, we must take note of - and appreciate - the enduring small pockets of resistance - perhaps not quite as grand and well-known as the IFSCL - but which continue to live on at their own level.

See you soon for French fanfiction updates!

IFSCL 4.2.X - The fangame advances!
Posted by Immu on 06/12/2021 at 13:03 (2 commentaires)  Ecrire un commentaire sur cet article  Imprimer cet article  Envoyer cette article à un ami
Update : The new IFSCL cycle 4.2.X is now released!

Hi everyone!

The IFSCL (Code Lyoko Simulated Fictional Interfaces) is back with a trailer unveiling its new cycle (4.2.X), and thus a new version, the 4.2.0

On the menu, the highly anticipated Chapter 2 'Visionary Minds', which follows Chapter 1 'Jeremy Awakens', released on June 6, 2020.
If more than 1 year separates the two chapters, don't worry, the others will arrive more quickly! 
This year of waiting has allowed me to create a more efficient suite of tools for the systems dedicated to the chapters (dialogues, cutscenes, logical gameplay bricks...), but also to develop a brand new cycle (4.1.X) which has given pride of place to many new features.
As a reminder, the chapters are quite linear compared to the 'custom game' mode, and contain several cutscenes (cinematics) in 2D and/or 3D with NPC dialogues.

Like chapter 1, the playing time of chapter 2 is estimated at about 30 minutes.
This chapter will be an opportunity to come back to elements that we see in the credits of the series (season 2-3-4) in the 'story mode' of the IFSCL.

Here is the trailer, and its date (for the moment approximate (end of June), the latter will be reconfirmed in the CHANGELOG when I will be able to specify, there is still a lot of work!)

Next >>