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2007-2008: The Golden Age
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 It's Shaka's turn to talk. From here, the history pages were written on Friday the 12th of July 2013. This part will remain chronological. As you can guess again, although some dates are missing, we just worked in the website's private areas...but believe me, we worked!

This 2007-2008 period is the climax of the site: important events will take place. The series reaches its maximum fame when season 4 began...and went with the flow. But even during the heyday we can hear the rumblings of the clouds signalling a darker period...

2007 – 2008: Season 4's arrival and consecration to V5
The site continues to rise as season 4 begins. Taking the well-deserved break after the site's birthday and other festivities, nothing happens for a few days! On the 5th of August 2007, we create an innovative page: webcams appear! A nice little gadget!

Continuing effort to provide the best in the shortest time, on the 7th of August 2007, we update season 3's galleries - episodes 53-57 - thanks to the DVDs! It was time, because season 4 began on the 13th of August 2007!

To celebrate the event, we updated the episode gallery and opened a new file, unique and innovative, about each of XANA's attacks.

On the 29th of August, the “Shopping” section gets its own makeover.

The 2nd of September 2007, the episode guide is embellished: we add thumbnails of season 4's episodes to the files. The creation of files continues more slowly, because the broadcast schedule is slow! By the 9th of September, we're up to episode 83.

Even amid all of this tumult, we found time to work, and on the 4th of September, the new “Places” section is created! On the 26th, we updated the “Creators” page and “Games and Toys” in the “Shopping” section.

The next update is on the 21st of October. The “Team” page is redone. Regardless of this, the site is very active: we are systematically the first to offer detailed summaries and episode galleries. This rhythm is maintained up to the 11th of October 2007...when episode 95 is finally added to the guide...with its file and gallery.

On the same day, the second version of Lyokostats is expanded! It includes the heroes' fights during Teleportations.

From the 11th of November onwards, the episode guide is almost completed! The comics' files are created, as well as Lyokostats and many minor details. It just lacks season 4's scripts and a few other things.

Season 4's end doesn't stop the team from innovating, since a new file about Tron appears. A big file about what influence this giant film has on our little series. This happens on the 24th of November 2007. Four days later, on the 28th, the “Monsters” section is the first to be completed with information about season 4.

Afterwards, the team can put their feet up and enjoy their lives...and an immense project that will take up most of our time reduces the amount of news...

2007 ends and 2008 begins without any news. Obviously there are a few innovations outside the big project. On the 14th and 23rd of January, we start LyokoTube and LyokoMotion respectively: original solutions for finding Code Lyoko videos on the net.

On the 20th of January, the site reaches 2 million visitors. To celebrate, we launch the new XANA section. It's really large, and for the first time, it honours its subject and everything there is to know about the villain of the series.

In February, we update the episode galleries of season four (first half) thanks to the DVDs.

In March, the episode guide gains prestige again because it gets its own domain name, on the 23rd of March! On the same day, Shaka offers two new files, still original: one about “Android”, the other a communal file about a debate: “The eventual love between Odd and Aelita!”

In April, the second part of season 4's DVD set comes. An opportunity to replace the guide galleries and update the Shopping page.
The 6th of April, the “Story” section is updated with season 4's information. On the 18th of April, the updates continue to flow: 3 new files appear! The two comparisons about “Kadic Academy/Lycée Lakanal” and “Factory/Renault Factory”, as well as a file on resemblances: “Philip K. Dick/Franz Hopper”.

Then, it's radio silence up until the important date!
On the 18th of July 2008, V5 of is launched to celebrate the site's fourth birthday. Beautiful with an original, practical and powerful design. Completely innovative when it comes to the inner workings of, it will make the team more autonomous and speed up development.
The website goes from “good fansite” to web reference! But with the transition, a number of sections of the site are closed, pending adaptation to the new version.

V5 also allows for optimisation of member participation. On the 14th of August 2008, the “Fanfiction” and “Fanart” sections return to the Carthage Community, allowing members to send in their creations! The site appears to be well and truly at its peak...