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2008-2011: The Great Cutoff and the decline
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The Great Cutoff
Unfortunately, the V5 that should have been a beginning would prove to be an end. Indeed, if you know Code Lyoko's history, you'll know that the end of season 4 was followed by what was popularly called “The Great Cutoff”. And even though the effervescence of the Code Lyoko community allowed to remain active for another year, no news of a new season of Code Lyoko emerged.

Thus, the community falls into lethargy and falls asleep. Inevitably, the team's enthusiasm fades. Other aggravating factors are added. Growing up, the team members' lives become more and more demanding...and investing tens of hours per week on a site about a dead series is morally difficult.

So the team breaks up. The webmasters even end up being redirected towards other horizons. Arnold disappears first, without any warning. Johann invests in projects in parallel to working on the site (phew ^o^). Julien (CyberjujuM) engages in very involved study at INRA.
Shaka stays a little longer. He even makes significant updates, including the “Places” section and starting to refurbish the “Characters” section. Alas, all of this will never be announced in the news, as due to a lack of access rights and skills at the time, Shaka couldn't put all of his work online, without the help of his colleagues...

Aside from some updates like on the 13th of December 2008 (the return of LyokoTube, LyokoMotion, Lyokostats and the “Songs” category in Creations) or on the 30th of December 2008 (establishment of a news system in the Carthage Community), the site is well and truly asleep.

On the forum, the emblematic “second generation” members also took off, leaving room for a third generation, also active, but younger and less Code Lyoko-oriented. Shaka finally starts to run the site and forum, taking the baton in the administration relay.

The years 2009-2011 were devoid of any news on the site! The 27th of July 2009,'s 5th birthday, went by virtually unnoticed. As did the benchmark of 3 million visitors to the site, exactly one month after the birthday.

The 28th of February 2010, the threshold of 10000 Carthaginians is crossed. The forum continues to plod along. It's reorganised on the 4th of June 2010: reopening of the forum after updates and reorganisation.

Even the chat eventually suffers from the Great Cutoff. On the 12th of June 2010, Jerem leaves the site and chat team, the last of the “old timers”. He is replaced by the current chat administrator, Dragona. On the forum, moderators also leave, including Julrose on that same date. The fourth generation of the forum comes with Merenwen, Sido and Mraptor as forum moderators. Xen is left in control of the site and forum by Shaka.

Note that on the 21st of November 2010, a “small”, well-known fanproject begins to make itself known: version 1.5 of Immu's IFSCL is released.

The year 2011 was equally devoid of updates. Perhaps it shouldn't have been...because again, if you know Code Lyoko's history, you know that the very end of 2011 is the start of the Rebirth...

A fan named Kerian, who has kept in contact with people at Moonscoop in order to shed light on the many grey areas in the series, is contacted by the company to let him know that they're planning on launching a new season... A partnership between Moonscoop and is established through Kerian. Now all that was left to do was get the site out of its slumber...and this would be an opportunity to see how the legacy of the site team had survived. A difficult bet? is dead. Long live!