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Here you'll find stories from fans. These are some fans who have built a relationship together or have experienced an interesting story to tell thanks to/with/through Today, we've given them this little page to talk about it. Because as a fansite, it's a website...but above all, fans!

[Juliane and Aurelio: Story of a marriage on]

Juliane and Aurelio: Story of a marriage on
“If one day I was told that I could find love on the Internet, I would have asked for proof.” is the site that brings together the biggest number of fans of the cartoon of the same name. When I arrived in 2007 on the site/forum/chat, I knew I had entered a welded community. However, I would never have thought that I'd find love there.

I arrived on the forum in July 2007. As the small 15-year-old Quebecker that I was, I didn't think I'd have such strong friendly and lovely relationships one day. I must say that on the Internet, everything seems possible. Nonetheless, with prudence, I ventured onto the forum. My beginnings were chaotic, but I quickly met some people on the chat with whom I immediately got along with. Also, it's at this moment that I met Aurelio42. We were in the same “group” of friends: the Igloo. We hit it off immediately. Over the months, we talked less. Moving house, school starting up again, loves coming and going... For more than a year, we heard nothing from each other. We lived our separate lives, while still being in the same “group” of friends. For my part, I wasn't the kind of person who would forget the people who leave my life. I had this sense of nostalgia that could be disturbing for some. I went back to talk with Aurelio. We had lots of things to talk about: our loves, our problems, our friends... Our relationship gradually changed. He became my best friend, my confidant.

It's already 2009. I wasn't allowed to go online during the week because of classes, and on the weekend I had problems with my then-boyfriend, who was also on the forum/chat. Aurelio and I often exchanged emails or Facebook messages. Then my feelings changed once more. While my prom night and exams arrived all at the same time, I started to think: do I really have friends for my current boyfriend, or am I just pretending? I quickly answered the question: I fell in love with Aurelio, but I was hiding it with an impossible relationship with another boy. How could we have feelings for someone we didn't know? I asked myself this question for days. During my end-of-year dance, I understood: there was a trustworthiness, an ear, moments of joy, crazy laughter...a relationship that was the opposite of the one I lived with at the time. So I knew I had to tell him, even if I would lose my best friend if the feelings weren't mutual. I told him the following day, the 20th of June 2009. I don't know if it was because I was tired or something else, but I didn't feel stressed at all. I talked to him and everything came naturally. I must say, things are easier with a screen in between.

Chance or destiny, you can call it what you want, had him feeling something for me too. During the following months, I felt endless happiness. We had ups and downs like a normal couple. Then we decided we had to see each other during the summer of 2010. In March 2010, I talked about my relationship with Aurelio to my mother, who didn't agree. A long-distance relationship seemed impossible in her eyes... So I did a thing that changed my life: I decided to make a decision by myself, against her wishes. I left my parents' house on the 1st of June 2010, without telling them (I still sent them an email to explain my actions...I'm not crazy!). I did something I never thought I'd be able to do. I left for the airport with my friends. Three of us went so that my car could be returned to my parents' house. I boarded the plane alone and I left for France.

I arrived smoothly at the airport with 6 hours of jet lag and lots of sleep to catch up on. When I saw Aurelio, it was magical. I gave him a simple hug because I was too shy, but I smiled. That same year, on the 20th of August 2010, I got married.

The years past, but I still consider as having an important role in my lift. I'm not saying that it's a dating site, far from it. However, we can meet beautiful people. We often say bad things about the site/forum because the staff is too strict, but you can't judge a book by its cover, because I assure you that every member, staff or not, is human and has beautiful qualities.

Long live Smiley