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According to the wikipedia, this is the second phase of test of an informatic product before it's publication.

In the case of the IFSCL (released by versions in-developpment to the public), beta-test is the name given to the test phase that happen before an official public release of each new version.

Those who take charge of that are the beta-testers, who can be anybody meeting the criteria of enrollement
All you need to do is to register, and if you're choosed, a version is send to you, and you have to identify the bugs and submit a report to send back before the deadline.
From that, the creator of the game, Immu, fix those bugs and can release the new version of the IFSCL to the public.

Register, contenu
The BetaTest is reserved to people that can understand french clearly, if so, you can apply on the french beta test page.