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 Welcome to the page on's history! is an atypical fansite! Its history has multiple points. Of course, it follows the long history of Code Lyoko... But not just that! It's also a technical story. A story of content (textual, media, etc...). Of services.
And finally, it's also the story of a team, to its involvement, to the relationship between its members. This file tries to retrace, in a simultaneously concise and complete manner, the history of this unique site.

Throughout the various pages, the narration won't always be done by the same person:
The first page covering the 2004-2007 period was written by the site's creator, CyberjujuM. It's a copy of a birthday file the webmaster created in 2007. What better to trace the site's history than the words of its creator...

The following pages, covering the 2007-2013 period, are the work of Shaka, the site's editor, who wrote them for the site's ninth anniverary on the 27th of July 2013. Some passages were delegated to other people who could recount them better.

Finally, aside from the 4 history pages, some special pages are also available. One page for the stories of fans of, another page retraces the famous findings of Dude Dudu, previously available each Sunday. Finally, we have also placed a link to the site's attic (old banners, previous logos, old versions, etc...).

 [Site history]
2004 - 2005
[Golden age]
2006 - 2007
2008 - 2011
2012 - 2013
Fan stories
Findings of Dude Dudu
Site attic


  • Story of Code Lyoko
  • A large file to learn about the story of the series, to which the site is strongly linked.

  • Team section
  • To get to know the different people who've made their mark on the site.

  • Lyoko-Events
  • To go deeper into the different LyokoFan events that have been the rhythm of our community life.

  • Chronicle of a Translation
  • The history of one of the largest and most pivotal FanProjects of our community: the translation of the Code Lyoko novels from Spanish and French.